4Gbps SFP Checker

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The SFP Checker can be a help you to read the internal memory EEPROM of the SFP and displays details EEPROM contents registered into EEPROM such as the Part Number, Vendor Name , wavelength, description, and range.

With an DDM SFP that is with digital diagnostics, the SFP Checker can be used to monitor the all DDM information. With Meter Module. you can measure the real output power of SFP. 

The SFP Checker is an instrument which combines the Serial Pattern Generator, Bit Error Rate Analyzer, and Optical Power Meter within a compact size for both optical telecommunication and data communication. It provides common transmission rate OC-3/OC12/OC48 for SONET, 125M/1.25G for Ethernet, 1.0625G/2.125G/4.25G for Fiber Channel. The optical power can be measured by plugging in an optional optical sensor module.

The friendly graphic user interface (GUI) provides clear monitoring for bit error rate, bit error counter, timer, SFP status, optical power from the sensor module and selection of data rate and PRBS.

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